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We know how difficult or easy could be to learn a new language. We also know that with the right motivations your Spanish could improve dramatically.

By living in a Spanish city, immersing in the culture and taking some lesson at a language school, your spanish could start to take off.

If you are looking for learning Spanish and performing an internhsip let us know, we will do out best to match you with a company while being in Spain.

Remember that we work with custom made internship and we believe that this is a positive complement for acquiring more professional language skills.

We also offer courses in Latin America.

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Educational Tourism, has selected the most professional and dynamic language schools in Valencia, Alicante Salamanca, Madrid, toledo, Barcelona, Mallorca, Sevilla, Granada, San sebastian and Bilbao.

We have researched their teaching methodologies and their customer's satisfaction. Evaluating the additional products they offer: accomodation, excursions and cultural activities.

We have only selected language schools which are certified by FEDELE and Instituto Cervantes, so there is always a chance to get your knowledge of the language certified.

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We are aware, that navigating in the enless list of Spanish language schools available, could be a hard work and time comsuming.

We’re experts at finding the right match!

Learn Spanish: Vacations

As teachers,  we have a big responsibility when traveling with students abroad. I know carlos since 2007, when he was based in Valencia, Spain. He helped me and my students to organise our short-stay program from A-Z and even beyond. We were very happy with the outcomes as they learned Spanish while doing internships in local companies and most importantly getting incredible insights about the city!

Veronica Papalia
Spanish Language Teacher

Eusebio Fernandez, has always been involve in the promotion of the Spanish language in France, he also worked with students from difficult backgrounds. coming to Valencia wasn't easy in the begging to find the right hosting partner but once we met Carlos at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Valencia, everything started rolling! Now we follow him wherever he goes!

Eusebio Fernandez,
Marseille, France

I am Spanish language teacher. I am myself from Barcelona.So I am pretty aware about how other cultures perceive Spain our hospitality. When I travel to Spain with my students, I expect they to learn as much of the culture, the language and professional practice within their field of studies. It is a complex task, but by working together with Carlos my students have accomplished it successfully!

Rosa Menjucq
Spanish Language Teacher
Carcassone, France

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