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We are academics and researchers interested in topics related to Tourism & Education.
We are practitioners from the Tourism Industry and the educational sector. Therefore we are able to provide our expertise & network from both sectors to build amazing educational tourism experiences for you.
We have been in your shoes and know your ambition to learn and to build your career, acquire new skills and competences all while having fun travelling and meeting cool people



We wan to be a bridge that facilitate the success of your learning while travelling!
At the core of Educational Tourism, we believe you learn while traveling. That is why we want to facilitate all our support, knowledge  and network to help your Educational  Tourism experience abroad.


Co-designing unique Educational Tourism experiences for your success.

We co create with you a unique program, which means that we listen to your learning and logistic needs and other travel desires. then we come with an offer that hopefully adapts to your needs and beyond.

By creating close ties with you, we will better understand your travel needs and preferences. Wether you are coming to Discover Denmark or you are preparing to take a mandatory internship as part of your studies, planning this experience has never been easier.


Mentoring, monitoring and evaluation of custom-made programs

We aim to disrupt the traditional educational & tourism conventional approaches, where participants only learn in the classroom, experience bad internships which normally do not fulfil their own professional expectations. 

We position ourselves right in the middle together with you, from there we intermediate between you, your educational program and the stakeholders responsible of the success of your educational tourism experience.

We are there fo you all throughout the experience and beyond.


Logistics support, access to our social and professional network.

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Intermediation, goodies, tips & tricks.

We go an extra mile to make you save money. We negotiate extra discounts, goodies, introduce our personal and professional network. We ask your internship our stakeholders and collaborators to provide, facilitate and ensure a unique educational tourism experience.

So remember to mention your needs concerns and desires when we co-design your project as this must be taken in consideration when we start looking for your custom made program.

We will try our best to find you some reasonable offers, which hopefully will adapt to your needs. 

Start your journey today!

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At Educational Tourism Denmark, the sky is the limit in terms of creating your next educational travel experience.

We look forward to plan every detail of your upcoming trip, so all that’s left for you is... to enjoy it!

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