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Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Co-Creative tours, where you, as a visitor, actively shape the exploration, discovery, and learning during the experience.

Guiding and enabling, we craft immersive encounters that foster active learning, drawing from our rich expertise.

Discover a truly distinct and remarkable adventure that will etch your travels in memory!

Delve into the secrets behind Denmark's status as one of the world's happiest nations. Join us as we unveil the tapestry of Danish culture and history through an immersive day-long expedition.

Elevate your Danish encounter with Educational Tourism, your premier host in Denmark. Allow us to pamper you with a retreat into the heart of Danish life. This curated tour offers an exclusive gateway to our network, providing boundless insights, relevant encounters, and profound understanding of Danish language, culture, and history.

Our seasoned team boasts extensive years of residing, studying, and working in Denmark. Thus, we tailor each tour to your preferences, facilitating an engaging co-creative experience for diverse groups.

Immerse yourself in an enlightening journey that sparks profound insights into the Danish way of life and culture, ensuring every participant leaves with an enriched understanding of Denmark.

Duration: 3 to 8 Hours

Prices: Starting at 450DKK Per Person

* Contact us for a custom-made tour!

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