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Let's Us Be The Bridge  that connects your academic knowledge to your professional success!

Internship Program: Welcome

Our Internship & Volunteering Support Services 

Crafting Unique Journeys with a Splash of Educational Expertise!

Unleash Your Internship Potential: Seamlessly Tailored for Success.

Embarking on the quest for the ideal internship can be challenging – a delicate balance of expectations and program requirements. Fear not, for we stand unwaveringly by your side, dedicated to equipping you with the essential guidance and resources for a flawless journey towards your overseas internship.

Dive into our array of specialized service offerings, meticulously shaped to fit each individual's unique aspirations.

We invite you to connect with us directly, should any questions arise. Your transformative international internship adventure awaits – let's make it happen, together!

*From 4 weeks to 6 months

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How It Works?

Tailored Internship & Volunteering Experiences: Your Path to Personalized and Relevant Placements!

Choose a Package

According for your support needs

Submit A Request

With your CV, desired position & country starting dates, etc.

We Search

For the the best matching  hosting organisation

You Get An Offer

For a placement and start packing

*Once your placement is confirmed, you can proceed to pay your package fee.

Internship Program: List

Internships & Volunteering Examples

At Educational Tourism, we offer unforgettable Internships & Volunteering programs in various fields such as education, healthcare, environment, and community development.


Our objective is to provide you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in diverse cultures and contribute positively to society. By enrolling in one of our programs, you will acquire new skills, experience personal growth, and make lifelong memories.


Our programs are affordable and flexible, and we work with you to customize your experience to meet your needs and budget.

Childcare Assitance

Community Development

Refugee Immigrant Assistance

Refugee Immigrant Assistance


Environmental Preservation

Human Rights

Youth Sports Coaching


Tourism Development

Internship Program

Frustrated About Your Internship Search? 

Elevate Your Journey with Educational Tourism: Your Path to Skill Enhancement, Internship Excellence, and Unforgettable Adventures!

Embark on a transformative adventure with Educational Tourism, your ultimate partner in unlocking boundless opportunities for skill refinement and immersive internship placements. Our mission is to guide you towards your desired internship match while ensuring an enriching and seamless journey every step of the way.

Discover a World of Possibilities:  


Uncover internships around the world that align with your aspirations and expectations.


Elevate your skills through hands-on experience and specialized training.


Forge valuable connections with companies that share our commitment to your growth.

Crafting Experiences, Creating Success:


At Educational Tourism, we believe that every detail matters. Our dedicated team negotiates enticing perks and captivating tasks to enrich your internship journey.


We prioritize your experience and craft tailored packages that promise:

Skill-Driven Adventures:


Elevate your skills through engaging tasks and projects.

Seamless Integration: Enjoy monitoring and evaluation for a smooth transition.


Travel Support: Extra assistance to ensure you thrive in your new environment.

Your Success, Our Priority: We value your dreams as much as the partnerships we cultivate.


Educational Tourism is dedicated to nurturing your growth while fostering meaningful relationships with esteemed companies.


With our meticulously designed packages, we promise to be your compass, guiding you towards an internship experience that leaves an indelible mark.

Join us on a voyage of growth, exploration, and success. Let Educational Tourism redefine your journey – where possibilities become reality and dreams come to life.


Your next adventure starts here!

Internship Program: Welcome

Volunteer Program

Elevate Your Impact with the Educational Tourism Volunteering Program.

Image by Ben Ostrower

Discover the power of making a meaningful difference with the Educational Tourism Volunteering Program. This unique opportunity empowers you to contribute to your chosen destination and project while immersing yourself in an enriching experience like no other.


Tailored for Impact: Customized Matching: We diligently curate options based on the specific needs of local projects, ensuring a seamless alignment of your skills and competences.


Precise Skill-Matching: While it might seem simple to match skills, we go beyond the surface. We meticulously verify that the organizations you volunteer for are dedicated to local well-being, transparency, and positive impact.


Enriching Experience: Our commitment extends to your experience. We ensure that the volunteering opportunity not only aligns with your abilities but also provides a comprehensive support system, facilitating an unforgettable immersion into the local culture.


Personalized Journey: We recognize that each volunteer is unique, which is why we refrain from cookie-cutter placements. Instead, we craft tailored agreements for every individual, considering your capacities, desires, skills, and competences.


Make Every Moment Count: Educational Tourism is here to guide you towards the right project, unlocking a world of impactful opportunities. Our focus is on creating an experience that allows you to immerse yourself in both the organization and the local culture, fostering the learning experiences you seek.


Remember, every experience is a one-of-a-kind journey, and we're dedicated to helping you shape it into something truly exceptional.


Seize the chance to create change and embark on a journey that not only transforms the lives of others but also enriches your own.


Contact us today and let's embark on this impactful adventure together!


Voluntourism Is A Way To Achieve Social Sustainability  


Be Part Of The Movement!

Internship & Volunteering Program
Price List

450 EUR


Advice & Matching

EU Citizens

Buy Now

*Non-EU students must have a full health and liability insurance during their stay in Valencia. It can be contracted through us at a cost of 50€/month.

550 EUR


Advice + Matching +Monitoring & Travel Consultation

EU citizens

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645 EUR


Advice & Matching + Monitoring +Travel Support + Network

Non EU-Citizens

Internship Program: Price List

Internship & Volunteering Packages

Basic Package

Advice & Matching

Enhanced Basic Package: Your Personalized Path To The Perfect Internship Placement!

Navigating the internship & volunteering landscape has never been more efficient with our sought-after Enhanced Basic Package. Tailored to your unique needs, this package ensures a seamless journey to secure your ideal placement.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Customized Approach: We begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your internship preferences, including the type of experience, duration, and specific tasks you aim to undertake.

  2. Exploration and Matchmaking: Armed with your preferences, we leverage our extensive network to identify existing opportunities or actively seek out new prospects that align with your criteria and aspirations.

  3. Proposal and Timing: Our dedicated team presents you with a carefully curated offer, a result of meticulous research and consideration. Anticipate an average of 4-6 weeks for this crucial matching phase.

  4. Alignment and Formalities: Once both you and the hosting organization are in agreement regarding tasks, duration, and terms, we swiftly navigate the administrative landscape to finalize your placement agreements, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition.

  5. Payment Process: Prior to the formal signing of documents, a payment is required to be processed through Educational Tourism.


Embark on a journey that maximizes your potential and minimizes the hassle.


Elevate your experience with our Enhanced Basic Package, where your preferences pave the way to a tailor-made placement that perfectly aligns with your goals.

Submit Your Request
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Silver Package

Monitoring & Travel Consultation

Introducing Our Silver Program: Elevate Your Travel Experience With Expert Guidance And Seamless Support!

Our Silver Program embraces the same meticulous custom-made process that defines our Basic package.


However, we take it a step further by incorporating an invaluable additional feature: personalized monitoring and continuous feedback throughout your internship journey. This enhancement is designed to empower you in effectively navigating any unforeseen challenges within the hosting organization.

Navigating the intricate dynamics of intern-mentor communication can sometimes prove challenging.


At Educational Tourism, we understand these hurdles and are dedicated to being your reliable ally. Our mission is to ensure that every aspiring intern achieves their personal and professional milestones, gaining new skills and competences along the way.

Here's How We Make a Difference:


Expert Guidance: Our experienced team provides ongoing monitoring and constructive feedback, serving as your compass in various scenarios.

Effective Communication: We bridge potential gaps between interns and mentors, enhancing collaboration and understanding.

Skillful Development: We're here to assist you in attaining your objectives, nurturing growth, and acquiring valuable skills.

Seamless Documentation: As your experience concludes, rest assured that all necessary paperwork will be expertly handled, ensuring you meet your educational program requirements with confidence.

Embark on a journey where your ambitions are supported at every turn.


Our Silver Program is your gateway to an unique experience that's not only enriching but also strategically guided.


Let us be your partners in realizing your aspirations and making the most of your educational pursuits. Reach out to us and let's unlock a world of opportunities together!

Submit Your Request

Golden Package

Travel Support & Network

Simplify Your Travel Planning With The Gold Package: Expert Guidance Every Step Of The Way!

When it comes to planning any type of travel, the complexity can often feel overwhelming. That's where the Gold Package comes in – your key to unlocking a seamless journey, guided by seasoned professionals.

Your Journey, Our Expertise:

Comprehensive Support: With the Gold Package, you're never alone. Count on our experienced team to assist you at every stage of your travel planning process.

Local Insights: Benefit from our extensive network and valuable insights about your chosen destination. We're here to provide you with an insider's perspective to ensure an enriched experience.

Holistic Experience: Beyond just travel logistics, we go the extra mile to help you secure accommodation and other essential travel support. Your experience will be thoughtfully curated for maximum fulfillment.


Network Expansion: Connect with previous program participants and expand your horizons. We facilitate connections that allow you to broaden your network and gain deeper insights about your upcoming destination.

Embrace Our Network as Your Own: Our Gold Package transforms our network into your network. Let us be your trusted travel partners, guiding you through the intricacies of planning and connecting you with valuable resources. Your journey is our passion, and we're committed to making it unforgettable.


Get ready to embark on a voyage where every detail is expertly managed, allowing you to focus on the excitement of the journey itself.


Contact us today to elevate your travel experience to new heights!

Submit Your Request
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Internship Program: Travel Services

Satisfied Customers

Happy Travelers Share Their Experiences

Rose's Inspiring Journey: From L.A. Internship To Global Impact.


In the vibrant autumn of 2019, Rose embarked on an internship in Los Angeles. During her tenure, the NGO she collaborated with extended an intriguing invitation - a transformative field trip to The Gambia.

The story doesn't end there. Today, Rose continues her impactful connection with the organization, contributing remotely from Denmark to drive forward projects that span continents, bridging her experiences in Los Angeles and her involvement in The Gambia.

Master in Global Tourism Development 
Aalborg University Denmark

Joshua's International Internship: Navigating Disaster Management In Lima, Peru.


In the blossoming days of spring 2020, Joshua embarked on a transformative internship journey abroad.


His destination? The vibrant heart of Lima, Peru, where a global NGO awaited. Here, his tasks were intricately intertwined with the realm of disaster management, marking a pivotal step in his professional journey.

Notably, Joshua's adventure was enriched by the presence of a dear friend who shared the same aspirations. Both were destined to thrive within the embrace of the same company, realizing a shared dream amidst the rich tapestry of Lima.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Mia's Unforgettable Autumn 2019 Internship In Bogota, Colombia.

In the enchanting embrace of autumn 2019, Mia embarked on a transformative journey to Bogota, Colombia, delving into an immersive internship experience. Collaborating with a dedicated NGO, Mia contributed her efforts to the development of impactful projects within a remote coastal region of the country.

Her vibrant engagement was fueled by a sense of purpose, as this internship stood as a crucial mandate for her ongoing studies back home. This unique blend of exploration, service, and educational advancement left an indelible mark on Mia's journey.

Master in Global Tourism Development

Aalborg University, Denmark

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Educational Tourism: Igniting Your Educational Travel Horizon.

At Educational Tourism, we believe in limitless possibilities when it comes to crafting your next enriching travel experience.

Eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meticulously design every facet of your impending journey, leaving you with just one delightful task... to relish the experience!

Share your inquiry, and our prompt response will pave the way for your soon-to-be unforgettable adventure.

Choose Your Internship Package:

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