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The Mini-Campus Spanish Language School

Study Spanish at A Premier Language School in Spain

With 53 years of excellence, our first partner school is a renowned Spanish language school located on a unique mini-campus. Accredited by Instituto Cervantes, EAQUALS, and IALC, it stands as the world's first "SuperStar" Spanish school, having won the Study Travel Magazine's 'Star' award five times.


They combine rigorous academics with an enjoyable atmosphere. Producing their own textbooks and supplementary materials,  helps them ensuring high-quality, tailored education.


The School offers unrivaled facilities, including 25 classrooms, a restaurant, a residence with 95 rooms of various categories, a 24/7 reception desk, a student lounge, a swimming pool, and more. With a dedicated team of over 60 staff members, students receive exceptional attention and support.​


Located in a residential suburb of Málaga, the school/residence is just a 15-minute bus ride from the city center and a 10-minute walk to the beach. 

Join them for an unparalleled Spanish learning experience!


The Spanish Language Courses 

If you are planning to stay for more than 24 weeks we recommend that you consider the DELE Exam Preparation course or the Spanish plus Hispanic Studies programme.


If you want to learn or practice Spanish for a specific purpose you might want to consider adding One-to-Oneclasses to your Intensive Spanish course.

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Intensive & Super Intensive Courses

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Young Adults Program: Spring & Summer Courses

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Spanish for Executives and Professionals

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Master Class - Club 50+ Programme


Gap Year + Hispanic Studies


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DELE Preparation Courses

Accommodation Types

Club Hispánico - Mini Campus

Rooms Accommodation


Choose between single, double, triple rooms.

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Club Hispánico - Mini-Campus

Executive Accomodation


Choose between executive rooms & studios

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External Apartments

Shared Students Apartments


Choose between single and double room occupation.

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Host Family

Local Spanish Host Family Accommodation


Choose between single or double room occupation

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Super-Intensive Courses

Our Intensive and Superintensive Spanish courses offer one of the best immersion experiences in Spain, designed for rapid language acquisition.​


 Course Features:

  •  Levels: All levels from complete beginners to advanced.

  •  Skills Covered: Reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

  • Class Placement: Level test on the first day ensures appropriate class placement.

  •  Class Sizes: Maximum of 10 students per class; reduced to 6 for oral communication lessons.

  •  Lesson Duration: 50 minutes per lesson.


 Course Options:

Intensive Course: 20 lessons per week.

Superintensive Course: 30 lessons per week.

Additional Lessons: Optional 24 or 26 lessons per week focused on oral communication.


 Course Duration:

Intensive 20: 1-40 weeks.

Superintensive 30: 1-16 weeks.


 Class Times:

Intensive 20: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Superintensive 30: 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM


 Why Choose Us:

  • Customized Textbooks: Developed by experienced teachers, our textbooks aid rapid learning.

  • Cultural Integration: Courses include Spanish culture and general knowledge as appropriate.

  • Diverse Student Body: Ideal for university preparation, career enhancement, business, and personal enjoyment.


Join our Intensive or Superintensive Spanish courses and experience a fun, effective, and professional language learning environment. Learn more about our experienced teachers and innovative teaching methods on our website.  


Start your Spanish immersion journey today!

Starting Dates & Fees


Spanish for Executives & professionals

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Enhance your Spanish proficiency with our specialized courses designed for business executives, diplomats, and other professionals.  


Our program offers 30 lessons per week, including 20 Intensive Spanish lessons and 10 Specific Module Spanish lessons, each lasting 50 minutes.


Classes run from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM (subject to variation).


Course Highlights: Business & Commerce Spanish20 Intensive Spanish + 10 Business & Commerce Spanish lessons per week.

  1. Intensive Spanish: Improve your Spanish at your current level with 20 lessons per week.

  2. Business & Commerce Spanish: Focus on practical business communication with 10 lessons per week.

 Class Size: Mini-groups with a maximum of 6 students per class.


 Modules: Divided into four 1-week modules, requiring a minimum level equivalent to B1, module 2.

 Course Content:

  • Business Communication: Personal introductions, product descriptions, sales presentations, interviews, and negotiations.

  • Industry Topics: Import/export, marketing, Spanish banking system, freight forwarding, and customs.


 Ideal For:

  • Executives & Diplomats: Typically attend from September through May when the average age of our clients is over 35.

  • Young Professionals & Students: Perfect for those with a good level of Spanish who want to improve further and learn about business and international trade in Spanish.


 Flexible Learning Options:

Mini-Groups: Small class sizes for focused learning.


 1-on-1 Lessons: Personalized lessons tailored to your needs, available as a standalone or in combination with the Intensive Course.


 Premium Campus Facilities:

  • Comfortable Accommodation: Stay in executive rooms within the school building.

  • Top-notch Services: Enjoy the high level of services and facilities on our campus.


 Join our Spanish for Executives and Professionals course and master business Spanish while enjoying an unmatched learning environment.  


Start advancing your career today!

Starting Dates & Fees


Gap Year:
Hispanic Studies

​Gap Years, especially between school and University, can be crucial in personal development and in gaining crucial job-winning skills and CV items. It is always important to be able to show to your future University and potential employers, that this was a year well spent.


This course taken in its entirety will enable you to achieve a C1 level in Spanish and giveyou a valuable overview of Spain’s cultural heritage and life in Spain today. You will also have gained the invaluable experience of having lived in another country, experienced the cultural differences and met people from all over the world.

 20 lessons per week: 20 lessons of Intensive Spanish

“Term 1”, 10 lessons of Advanced Spanish + 10 lessons of Specifc Module,“Term 2”. The programme is divided into 2 terms:

  • Term 1: General Spanish until you reach the level required to join Term 2 (having completed B2, module 2)

  • Term 2: This is a combination of Advanced Spanish plus learning about key items from Spain’s cultural heritage and life in Spain today.


 These can include: Spanish Cinema and The Media, Social/Political Institutions and The Economy, Geography, History, History of Art, Literature, The Spanish way of life o Preparation for DELE B2.

You can take the complete programme, 1 and 2 terms, starting as a beginner in August and studying for 36 weeks: If you already know some Spanish, you should ask us to send you a level test to assess how much general Spanish you need before Term 2 or whether you can enter directly in Term 2.​



Term 1: 16 weeks “Intensive” Spanish.

Term 2: 20 weeks “ 5 Modules Hispanic”.


 Class Times:

Term1: 8:30- 12:30 h “Intensive” Spanish.

Term2: 8:30- 10:30 h “Advanced” Spanish,

10:30- 12:30 h “Specific Module” or 16:00- 20:00 h (subjet to variation).


Term 2 is made up of five 4-week modules starting from January. Again, you can take the complete programme or you can enrol for any of the modules assuming you have the correct level of Spanish (see below).​​​


Starting Dates
& Fees


DELE Exam Preparation Courses

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Prepare for the DELE Exams, the official Spanish language proficiency exams organized by the Instituto Cervantes. These exams align with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

 Popular Levels:

  • B2 Level: Equivalent to the Cambridge First Certificate in English, often required for university study or professional work in Spanish-speaking environments.


 Course Offerings:

  • A2 Level: 2-week course

  • B1 and B2 Levels: 4-week courses


These courses are designed for students who already have the required Spanish proficiency and aim to pass the DELE exams. They focus on exam content, question formats, and practice with past exams. For other levels, we offer One-to-One lessons combined with Intensive courses.


 Course Features:

  • Lessons: 20 per week

  • Duration: 50 minutes per lesson

  • Class Times: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Flexible Learning Path: Many students begin with Intensive courses to reach the necessary level before transitioning to the specific exam preparation course. It’s common to book 16-20 weeks or more for comprehensive preparation.


For non-beginners, we provide a level test to determine the required weeks of Intensive Spanish before starting the exam course.


 Dates & Fees:

  • University Entry: DELE B2 is usually the minimum required level for undergraduate studies in Spain.

  • Masters Programs: Often, DELE B2 is the only language requirement.


Exam Convenience: Our partner language school is an official Examination Centre for the Instituto Cervantes, allowing students to take their DELE exams on-site with trained IC examiners.

Enhance your Spanish proficiency and achieve your DELE certification with our expertly designed courses.


Contact us today to start your preparation journey!

Book here

Related Programs: For a classic “Gap Year” experience, consider our Hispanic Studies program, which includes B2 preparation in Term II.

Starting Dates & Fees


Young Adults Program:
Spring & Summer Courses

Image by Brooke Cagle

Our Young Adults Program is tailored for individuals aged 15-20 who seek an enriching, language-focused vacation. We offer two specialized courses:

  • Young Adults

  • Young Adults PLUS


 Young Adults: Spring and Summer


 Course Structure:

  • Lessons: 15 per week (50 minutes each)

  • Activities: Cultural, social, and sporting activities designed for this age group

  • Excursions:

    • 1 half-day excursion per week

    • 1 full-day excursion for 2-week courses

    • 2 full-day excursions for courses lasting 3 weeks or longer


This classic vacation course combines language learning with fun activities. Meet peers from around the world, form lasting friendships, and improve your Spanish (from beginner to advanced levels) while enjoying a variety of engaging activities. It's a perfect blend of education and entertainment.



  • 15 Spanish lessons per week

  • Daily activities: Cultural, social, and sporting events

  • Excursions: Weekly half-day excursions and full-day weekend trips for longer courses

  • Additional activities: Film presentations, cultural talks, and more (subject to schedule)


 Young Adults PLUS: Spring and Summer


 Course Structure:

  • Lessons: 15 Intensive Spanish lessons + 4 one-on-one (individual tuition) classes per week

  • Activities: Same as the Young Adults course, plus personalized tutoring sessions


This intensive version adds individual tutoring to focus on specific needs, whether to address weaknesses identified by a level test or to prepare for specific exams. It's ideal for students aiming to enhance their exam performance.


 Class Times:

  • Spring:

    • Intensive: 8:30 AM - 11:40 AM

    • PLUS: 11:40 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Summer:

    • Intensive: 11:40 AM - 2:30 PM

    • PLUS: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM


 Accommodation Options:

  • Club Hispanico: Shared triples or twins for students aged 16+

  • Host Families: Shared twins or single rooms for students aged 15+ (15-year-olds must stay with host families)

  • Shared Student Apartments: Available for students aged 18+


 Meal Plans:

  • Club Hispanico: Half or full-board meal plans available

  • Host Families: Minimum half-board meal plan; 15-year-olds must book full-board

  • Shared Student Apartments: Self-catering, with optional half-board meal plan available at the school restaurant


Join us for the holiday of a lifetime while enhancing your Spanish skills and making unforgettable memories.


Book now and secure your spot in our Young Adults Program!

Starting Dates & Fees


Master Class – Club 50+ Programme

Our Master Class – Club 50+ Programme offers a unique blend of Spanish language learning and cultural immersion, tailored for mature students aged 50 and above. Enjoy 15 lessons per week of practical, everyday Spanish combined with a vibrant schedule of cultural and social activities.


Course Details:

  • Lessons: 15 per week (50 minutes each)

  • Focus: Everyday Spanish for real-life situations

  • Activities: A tailored programme of cultural and social events


 Ideal for:

If you enjoy holidays with a focus on activities like creative writing, tennis, cooking, hiking, or skiing, you'll love this Spanish language and cultural immersion experience. Meet and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world while improving your Spanish skills in a fun, relaxed environment.


 Why Choose Us?

  • Experience: Over 20 years of offering this programme with more than 4,000 satisfied clients.

  • Levels: Suitable for all levels, especially Beginner to B1.

  • Focus: Practical, situational Spanish for everyday use.


 Everyday Spanish Activities:

  • Shopping at the market

  • Ordering food and drinks

  • Introducing yourself

  • Asking for directions

  • Visiting the doctor


 Note: If a Master Class at your specific level isn't available, we will place you in an appropriate general class group. We always find a satisfactory solution, especially since the average age during Master Class dates is well over 35.


 After-Class Activities:

After your lessons, enjoy a specially designed activities programme for your age group. Spend your free time with new friends, exploring the historic city center or beachfront restaurants of Pedregalejo.


 Sample Activities Programme:

  • Creative cultural workshops

  • Guided city tours

  • Social gatherings and networking events



We offer high-quality, on-site accommodation at Club Hispanico, a key to the programme's success. Choose from Executive rooms, Studios, or twin rooms for single use. Enjoy 24/7 support, comfort, security, and an ideal environment for socializing and networking.

 Join our Master Class – Club 50+ Programme for an enriching and enjoyable Spanish learning experience in Spain. Book now to start your journey!

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Starting Dates & Prices


Get Inspired!


Club Hispánico Accommodation

Why Choose Club Hispánico?

 Experience the best in on-site student housing at Club Hispánico. A 95-bedroom residence, renowned as one of Spain's largest and most popular year-round language school residences.Alongside 25 classrooms, terraces, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and a dance studio, Club Hispánico offers a unique and immersive learning environment in Málaga.

  • Convenient Location: Live where you learn, with all facilities just steps away.

  • Popular Choice: Preferred by 50% of our students, including executives, diplomats, and those aged 50+.

  • Comfort and Affordability: Enjoy comfortable accommodations at reasonable prices, creating a welcoming campus atmosphere.


 Room Options:

  • Standard Single Rooms: Perfect for students seeking privacy with en-suite facilities.

  • Twin Rooms: Ideal for sharing with a friend or booking half a twin to meet a new roommate. Available for single use in the off-season.

  • Triple Rooms: Great for school groups or friends wanting to share.

  • Executive Rooms: Modern or traditional furnishings providing high comfort, suitable for single use or sharing.

  • Executive Studios: Top-of-the-line accommodation for executives, offering a more engaging option than a 4-star hotel.

Executive Rooms & Studios

 Executive Rooms: Our Executive Rooms blend modern and traditional furnishings, delivering exceptional comfort for a language school residence. Ideal for single occupancy or sharing with a partner or friend, these rooms ensure a cozy and pleasant stay.

 Executive Studios: Preferred by our executive clients, these top-tier rooms provide a more engaging experience than a typical 4-star hotel. Perfect for single use or sharing with a partner or friend, our Executive Studios offer the ultimate in comfort and style.

Flow & Art Executive Rooms

 At the Club Hispánico, Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of art and comfort at our FLOW & ART Executive Rooms. They’ve collaborated with international artists to transform these spaces into vibrant, dreamlike environments. Each room on our 5th floor boasts unique and exuberant decor, creating an eclectic and inspiring setting for the students.

 Since 2014, nine talented artists have brought their creative visions to this ongoing project, ensuring every stay is a distinctive artistic experience.

Join us and sleep in a masterpiece!

Club Hispánico Accommodation Facilities & Fees


Shared Apartment

 Shared Student Apartments: Ideal for young adults (18-35 years) seeking independence and budget-friendly accommodation.


 These apartments, shared by 4-7 students, offer private or shared bedrooms with communal living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms.


 Key Features:

  • Affordable & Independent: Perfect for long-term stays, also available for stays of 2 weeks or more.

  • Comfortable & Well-Equipped: Higher comfort level with essentials like gas/electric cooking rings, microwave/oven, TV, washing machine, free WiFi, and safe deposit boxes in each bedroom.

  • Inclusive Services: No extra charges for utilities (electricity, gas, water). Full maintenance service provided at no extra cost.

  • Regular Cleaning: General cleaning is the students' responsibility, with staff cleaning common areas bi-weekly for a €10 weekly fee. Weekly sheet changes and optional air conditioning available for an extra cost.

  • Amenities: Access to a swimming pool.

  • Cultural Exchange: Enjoy the camaraderie and cultural exchange with international students, often taking turns cooking meals from different countries.

  • Meal Options: Self-catering with fully equipped kitchens, or opt for pre-paid meal plans at the Malaca Instituto residence restaurant.


 Important Considerations: Living in a shared apartment with diverse students requires adherence to certain rules to ensure a harmonious environment.

Experience the blend of independence and community in our well-appointed shared student apartments.

Shared Apartments -Accommodation and Facilities Fees


Local Spanish Host Family Accommodation


Experience Spanish life firsthand with our welcoming host families, enhancing your language learning journey in a supportive and authentic setting.


Host Family Accommodation: Immerse yourself in the Spanish way of life with our host family option, perfect for younger students and those on our Young Adult courses.


 Why Choose Host Family Accommodation?

  • Authentic Experience: Live with friendly locals who make you feel at home, offering a true glimpse into Spanish culture.

  • Comfortable Living: Assigned a single or twin room with study space, storage, and access to shared bathrooms and common areas.

  • Meal Plans: Enjoy half board (breakfast and lunch) or full board for students under 16. Discuss additional kitchen use with your host.

  • Personalized Matches: We consider your preferences (diet, pets, smoking) when assigning families.

  • Cultural Immersion: Participate in family meals, particularly lunch, for a better chance to practice Spanish and engage with your hosts.

  • Suitability for Young Students: Students under 16 must stay with host families and take the full-board option, ensuring a safe and supportive environment.


 Note: Adapt to your host family's customs and traditions for a richer cultural experience.

Local Spanish Host Family- Facilities & Fees

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