Volunteering Program

Volunteering Program

Educational Tourism Volunteering Program, offers the opportunity to contribute to the destination of your choice.


We look after serveral options acording to the local projects needs matching with your skills and competences and those learning experiencies you are looking for.

Matching skills and helping you to find the best option for volunteering could sound as a easy task, but we need to ensure that the organisation you will volunteer for is working for the benefit of the locals, and their practices are transparents and impacting positevely the benefitiaries.


At the same time we need to guaranty that you will have a great experience and they will facilitate all the supoort for you to have a great experience, where you could immerse not only in their organisation but also in the local culture.


So let us help you to select the right project, according to your capacities, desires, skills and competences. Remember that each experience is different, therefore we do not announce placements, we custom made new agreements accoding to each profile.

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