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Embark on your adventure from the iconic Copenhagen Central Station, where we'll board a train bound for Helsingør. Here, the echoes of history come alive as you explore Elsinore Castle, the very inspiration behind William Shakespeare's timeless masterpiece, Hamlet.

Nestled at the border with Sweden, this formidable military fortress will captivate you. Immerse yourself in the depths of its dungeons and uncover the intriguing tale of Denmark's conquests over Sweden and Norway.

Continuing our journey, we'll seamlessly transition to a local transport that will take us to a charming village, home to the magnificent Frederiksborg Castle. Set against one of Denmark's most picturesque landscapes, this architectural marvel is often hailed as the "Versailles of the North". Its resplendent design and sprawling gardens are bound to leave you in awe.

Join us for a day of exploration that weaves together history, culture, and beauty at every turn. Your Danish escapade awaits!

Duration: Full Day Experience

Starting Point: Copenhagen Central Station

Price:  from 1200 per person


*Inquire for Pricing Details


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