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Experience Spanish language education like never before with Educational Tourism. We've partnered with selected & reliable language schools in Sevilla, boasting diverse courses and highly qualified instructors.

Additionally, they have a network that spans the country and superb facilities with the latest technology, learning Spanish has never been easier or more enjoyable.

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About The City

Sevilla is a city full of life and energy that welcomes students from all over the world.


Our Spanish language school offers a unique opportunity to learn Spanish in a culturally rich environment. During your free time, explore the city’s charming neighborhoods and historic landmarks, like the Plaza de España or the Cathedral.


With a variety of study abroad programs and summer camps to choose from, there’s something for everyone.


Let us help make your study abroad experience in Sevilla unforgettable!

Spanish language Schools

Explore Our Handpicked Selection of Schools!

We have carefully selected a variety of schools that offer unique features, competitive prices, and specialized expertise. Browse through each option to find the perfect match for your needs.

The Academic Language School

Enhance Your Learning Journey at Our Premier School!

Discover a range of exceptional academic programs at both secondary and higher education levels. Elevate your language skills while immersing yourself in diverse educational opportunities.


Whether you're looking for gap year experiences, study abroad programs, or full university degrees, this school offers the perfect setting to achieve your academic and personal goals.

The Multi-Campus

Experience Top-Quality Programs Across Multiple Locations in Andalucía!

If you're seeking a high-quality educational program with the flexibility to study in various locations, look no further.


This school offers the unique opportunity to study at several prestigious locations throughout Andalucía, providing you with a versatile and enriching learning experience.

The Central Located

Study Spanish in the Heart of Seville!

Located in the vibrant center of Seville, this school offers an immersive language experience certified by the Instituto Cervantes. As part of the prestigious network of Spanish language schools, it provides an intimate setting that fosters close interactions among students and meaningful connections with locals.


Enjoy the benefits of a central location while enhancing your Spanish language skills in a supportive and engaging environment.

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