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Our language learning programs in Valencia provide the perfect blend of immersive language classes, cultural activities, and excursions, allowing you to enhance your language skills while experiencing the beauty and charm of this enchanting city. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, Valencia is the ideal destination to embark on your Spanish language learning journey.


Join us and unlock the door to a world of language, culture, and adventure in Valencia!

Spanish Language Courses

Starting Dates

New admissions in our Spanish courses every Monday, except for ‘Absolute Beginner’ courses that will start on the following dates:

January 2nd & 29th; February 26th; March 25th; April 29th; May 6th & 20th; June 3rd & 17th; July 8th & 22nd; August 12th & 26th; September 9th & 23rd; October 14th & 28th; December 2nd.

School Holidays*

• January 6th & 22nd; March 19th & 29th; April 1st; May 1st; June 24th; August 15th; Octo- ber 9th & 12th; November 1st; December 6th, 8th & 25th.

• During holidays there will be no lessons, but they will be rescheduled to a later date. No refund policy available.

*These dates may be subject to change according to possible changes in local holidays.

Course's Price List

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Image by Olga Iacovlenco

Welcome to our comprehensive price list for Spanish language courses!

Explore our range of courses tailored to suit every learner's needs and budget. From intensive immersion programs to flexible part-time options, we offer competitive pricing to ensure affordability without compromising quality.


Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your language skills, our transparent pricing structure makes it easy to find the perfect course for you.


Browse our price list now and take the first step towards fluency!


Intensive Courses  


# Weeks       Intensive      Intensive DELE      Super Intensive

       1                 €262                    €315                         €355

       2                €451                     €530                        €600

       3                €679                    €797                         €901

       4                €905                   €1063                       €1208

       5                €1129                   €1327

   6-8.            €198/Week.        €239/Week.      

   9-11            €178/Week          €221/Week

   +12             €148/Week          €148/Week

*DELE course specifications: Minimum length of the course: 2 weeks; maximum: 4. Only available for students taking the DELE exam with Us. This course will always start 4 weeks before the DELE exam.


**The School reserves the right to relocate morning lessons in the afternoon if necessary
due to demand and availability reasons


Conversation Course

5 Lessons/ Week


#Weeks         1                     Extra week

                      €50                      €45



Private Lessons In Person

Hours.               1                      10                     20

1 student.        €47                  €410                  €716

2 students      €58                  €490                €842

3 students      €69                  €571                 €968


Private Lessons Online

Hours               1                       10                      20

1 student.       €40                  €346                 €641

2 students      €50                  €420                €758

3 students      €60                 €504                 €872

Cancellation Policy

• If a visa application gets rejected, there will be a 300€ charge. If the course is cancelled (even for medical reasons), there will be a 150€ charge. Request information about our cancellation insurance if interested.

• Once the course has started, it will not be possible to change your course choice and no fees will be refunded.

• No refund available for missed days of class, late arrival or early departure.
• No refund for those students changing from an intensive to an extensive course.

• If a student is not satisfied with the accommodation assigned, we will find a new

• If a student wishes to cancel the accommodation service with us, there will be a

penalty fee of €200. When the pending amount at the time of cancellation is less than €200, the student will need to pay the outstanding amount.

Courses Features

Discover the essential components that make our language courses stand out from the rest.

Elevate your learning experience with our innovative approach designed to maximize your language proficiency.


Join us and unlock the secrets to success in language learning!


  • Initial assessment and ongoing feedback to tailor the learning journey


  • Structured lessons emphasizing practical language application


  • Regular progress evaluations every two weeks

Image by Jason Goodman


  • Engaging in weekly language exchanges with native speakers


  • Varied activities program with a range of complimentary options


  • Official course completion certificate from our Instituto Cervantes-accredited institution


Welcome to your ideal accommodations in Valencia!  


Whether you prefer the independence of an apartment or the immersive experience of a homestay, we have the perfect option for you.  


Our apartments offer the freedom and comfort you need to make Valencia feel like home, while our homestay options provide an authentic cultural experience, allowing you to practice your Spanish skills daily with welcoming local families. ​


Located in the heart of Valencia, our accommodations ensure you have easy access to the city's attractions and language schools.  


Explore our range of options today and make the most of your Spanish language learning journey in Valencia!


Immerse yourself fully in the vibrant Spanish culture and language with our homestay accommodation option in Valencia! 


Perfect for those seeking authentic experiences and direct contact with local customs, our homestays offer abundant opportunities to practice Spanish in everyday settings. 


Enjoy the invaluable chance to share meals with your welcoming host family, enhancing your speaking skills through immersive conversation. Rest assured, the families we collaborate with are handpicked for their warmth, friendliness, and genuine hospitality.


While English may not be spoken by all members, their genuine warmth and willingness to connect ensure a memorable and enriching experience for all.


Experience the true essence of Valencia with our trusted homestay accommodations!

Shared Apartment

Unlock the perfect blend of independence and community with our shared apartment option in Valencia!

Ideal for those seeking a balance between autonomy and social connection, our shared apartments offer a comfortable living space where occupants can create lasting bonds.


Enjoy the freedom to maintain your own schedule and lifestyle while sharing common areas with like-minded individuals. While occupants are responsible for keeping communal spaces tidy and providing their own food and essentials, the shared living experience fosters a sense of community and friendship, particularly during long-term stays.


Discover the joys of shared living in Valencia and forge meaningful connections with fellow language learners!

Accommodation Prices

Single Room Accommodation


# w e e k s                1                   2              3- 11           +11

Host Family/       €260         €440         €220           €220

Half board


Apartment        €210          €340         €145week   €135week

• 10% off when two people share a double room on the homestay, 20% off with the apartment option.

• Half Board homestay includes: breakfast, dinner and weekly laundry. Full Board available with a supplement of 6€/day. Special diets have a surcharge of €3/day.

• Utilities included (light, water, gas) in the accommodation price.
• Accommodation bookings go from Saturday to Saturday.
• When arriving between 11 pm until 7 am, transfer must be booked through

• We strongly recommend booking in advance when attending lessons during

peak season.

Image by Photoholgic

Free-time Activities


Explore the iconic Hemisfèric in Valencia, a must-see attraction for Spanish language students! Immerse yourself in the wonders of science and technology while enjoying breathtaking audiovisual experiences.


Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your cultural experience in Valencia!

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