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Learn Spanish in Tarifa

Discover an Unforgettable Spanish Language Experience in Tarifa!

Welcome to Tarifa, where your Spanish learning journey begins!


Our  partner school offers diverse range of courses designed to cater to every learner's preferences and needs. Whether you're seeking a standard, intensive, DELE preparation, Kids' and Junior' club, private, or online lessons, we have the perfect program waiting for you.

In addition to exceptional language instruction, they prioritize your comfort by offering various accommodation options. Whether you prefer the camaraderie of shared apartments, the warmth of a host family, or the privacy of private accommodation, they've got you covered.

But wait, there's more! Take your Spanish learning adventure to the next level with thrilling package deals. Immerse yourself in the language while enjoying exciting activities like kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, yoga, horse riding, climbing, whale watching, and more.

Explore the details of our packages and embark on an unforgettable Spanish learning journey in Tarifa!

Image by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

The city

Welcome to Tarifa, a vibrant city nestled on the southern coast of Spain, where the sun-kissed shores meet the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

for its stunning beaches, lively atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage, Tarifa is the perfect destination for Spanish language students seeking an immersive learning experience.

Throughout the year, Tarifa offers a plethora of activities and sights to explore, making it an ideal location for foreign students learning Spanish. From the iconic Playa de Los Lances, where you can soak up the sun and try your hand at thrilling water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing, to the historic Old Town with its charming cobblestone streets and Moorish architecture, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by sampling delicious Andalusian cuisine at the city's many tapas bars and restaurants, or discover the region's rich history and heritage at landmarks such as the Castle of Guzmán el Bueno and the Church of San Mateo.

For nature lovers, Tarifa offers breathtaking natural landscapes, including the stunning Parque Natural del Estrecho, where you can hike through rugged mountains and observe diverse wildlife, including migratory birds and dolphins.

Throughout the year, Tarifa hosts a variety of cultural events and festivals, providing students with unique opportunities to practice their Spanish language skills while experiencing the vibrant local culture.

With its welcoming atmosphere, diverse range of activities, and endless opportunities for exploration, Tarifa is the perfect destination for foreign students learning Spanish.


Whether you're looking to improve your language skills, immerse yourself in the local culture, or simply soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, Tarifa has something to offer for everyone.

The Spanish Laguage Courses 

Discover our captivating Tarifa Spanish Language Courses:

Embark on an immersive journey into Spanish language learning, intertwined with exhilarating outdoor adventures, thrilling watersports, rejuvenating yoga sessions, scenic horseback riding, and an array of enriching experiences. Ideal for adventure seekers, language enthusiasts, and those craving unforgettable cultural immersion.

Explore Tarifa like never before while mastering the Spanish language. Start your transformative journey today!

Our Water Sports Programs

Dive into Language Learning with Our Water Sports Programs!

Experience the ultimate fusion of Spanish language immersion and thrilling aquatic adventures in Tarifa, Spain. Our comprehensive courses offer an exciting blend of language instruction and water sports activities, including scuba diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing.

Set against the backdrop of Tarifa's stunning coastline, each activity is carefully curated to complement your Spanish language studies, providing an immersive and unforgettable learning experience.


Join us in Tarifa and discover the perfect balance of language learning and aquatic excitement.


Explore our water sports programs today!

Image by Juanma Clemente-Alloza

Standard Spanish Course + Scuba-Diving

*High season 

Beginner diving course: 1.068€ 
(Open Water Diver)

Non beginner diving course: 965€

Low season

Beginner diving course: 1.190€(Open Water Diver)


Non beginner diving course: 843€

Embark on an unforgettable journey of language learning and underwater exploration with our Spanish language courses combined with thrilling diving excursions in Tarifa, Spain.


Dive into the depths of the ocean and discover the mesmerizing marine life while immersing yourself in the Spanish language and culture.

Our package includes:

  • Standard Spanish language course designed to enhance your language skills and cultural immersion.

  • Guided diving tours to Tarifa's most spectacular diving sites, situated between two oceans and two continents. Explore the underwater wonders of the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

  • 4 diving excursions included in the package, allowing you to experience the beauty of the ocean.

  • Diving tours scheduled based on safe weather conditions and tides. In case of unfavorable conditions on weekdays, excursions will be rescheduled for weekends.

  • Don't forget to bring your diving license to make the most of your diving experience.


For those looking to take their diving skills to the next level, we offer additional options:

  • Open Water Diver course, featuring 5 pool practices and 4 ocean practices. Dive into the world of scuba diving and earn your certification with course materials and diving gear included.

  • Special offer for beginners: Dive into the sport with a baptism course, an accelerated 5-hour experience. Enjoy a lecture, pool activities, and a guided diving tour under the supervision of a certified instructor. Interested in further lessons? Continue your diving journey with follow-up lessons credited towards your SSI diploma.


Our diving package is available from March to October, subject to favorable weather conditions. Experience the thrill of diving while mastering the Spanish language in the picturesque setting of Tarifa.


*High season  1.020€         **Low season 897€

Immerse yourself in an exciting Spanish language and kitesurfing adventure with our comprehensive package, which includes standard Spanish language courses, exhilarating kitesurfing lessons, and comfortable accommodation in single-bedroom apartments. 

The two-week kitesurfing course offers two options:


Option 1:

12 hours in a group (1 instructor, 1 kite between 2 students)


Option 2:

9 hours semi-private lessons (1 instructor, 2 kites)

The course is divided into three parts:Part 1: Beachside instruction covering safety rules, theory, equipment, and kite flying.

Goal: Master kite setup, launching, and landing with assistance, and control and steering of the kite.

Part 2: Water immersion including self-relaunch of kite and bodydrag. Goal: Practice kite re-launch and steering in the water, flying the kite in all wind window areas, and mastering bodydrag one-handed.

Part 3: Board and kite integration with theory on waterstarts and practical application on the water (done in pairs).

Upon course completion, participants receive a certificate confirming their achieved level.Courses run Monday to Friday at approximately 3:00 pm (weekends excluded), subject to weather and wind conditions.


Choice of several beaches based on wind conditions.Weather permitting, participants can rent gear from the school with a 10% discount if the course finishes early.

Our kitesurf packages cater to both beginners and advanced enthusiasts.


Advanced riders can join ongoing courses or receive tailored lessons based on their needs, such as jumping, transitions, and tricks, within the group setting.


Kitesurf packages are available year-round.Interested in trying kitesurfing without committing to the full course? Take part in a 3-hour introductory session.


If you choose to continue with the course, standard pricing applies!


*High season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024

** Extension available on the spot


Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,-- 
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

Image by Mark Harpur

*High season 

Beginners 872€
Advanced 897€

**Low season 
Beginners 995€
Advanced 1.020€

Discover the thrill of windsurfing alongside our standard Spanish language course, complete with comfortable single-bedroom apartment accommodations.


Our 2-week windsurfing course includes 10 hours of instruction, divided into three parts:


Part One: Learn equipment setup, rigging, getting the sail out of the water, and basic maneuvering. Objective: Master equipment preparation, maintaining sail position, and sailing techniques without falling.

Part Two: Practice slalom maneuvers, turning against the wind, changing directions, and gybing. Objective: Sail smoothly through the slalom course without stopping or falling, and return to the starting point.

Part Three: Harness wind dynamics, navigate in varying wind conditions, maximize speed, and execute directional changes without losing momentum.


Each student's skill level upon course completion may vary.

Courses run Monday to Friday after the Spanish language sessions (starting around 3:00 pm), with occasional weekend sessions in the mornings, especially from mid-July to mid-September.


If ideal wind conditions allow for early course completion, students can rent windsurfing gear from the school (subject to availability) at a 10% discount.


For experienced windsurfers seeking to refine their skills or achieve specific goals such as beach starts, gybes, water starts, or jumps, we offer tailored courses. Advanced level schedules differ from beginner courses and are arranged upon request (5 hours of private lessons instead of the standard 10-hour group course).


Maximum participants per group: 4.


Our windsurfing package is available from March/April to October/November, depending on weather conditions.



*high season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024
** extension possible on the spot

****Gear rental options are also available for experienced windsurfers.

Enrollment fee: 40€
Fee for changing booking: 15€ (per change)


Our Outdoors Activities

Immerse Yourself in Spanish Learning and Adventure in Tarifa!


Welcome to our vibrant Spanish language courses in Tarifa, where language learning meets thrilling outdoor activities and relaxation. Experience the perfect blend of language immersion and adventure, tailored to suit your interests and passions.

Discover the joy of learning Spanish while indulging in your favorite activities. Whether you're drawn to the adrenaline rush of water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing, seek the tranquility of yoga sessions amidst stunning landscapes, or yearn for the thrill of horseback riding along Tarifa's scenic trails, our courses offer something for everyone.

With experienced instructors and a dynamic curriculum, our Spanish language courses provide the perfect balance of structured learning and leisure. Immerse yourself in the local culture, connect with like-minded individuals, and make unforgettable memories as you explore Tarifa's natural beauty.

Join us in Tarifa for an unforgettable language learning experience that combines education, adventure, and relaxation.

Start your journey with Educational Tourism today!

Spanish + Outdoors Adventures

Image by suraj kardile

Standard Spanish course + Outdoors activities 

*High Season  891€

**Low Season 1 014€

Experience the natural beauty of Tarifa while mastering the Spanish language with our unique package offering standard Spanish language courses, outdoor adventures, and cozy apartment accommodations.

Tarifa, a nature lover's paradise, beckons with a plethora of outdoor activities waiting to be explored. Our multi-activity package allows you to indulge in various sports without committing to just one.


Nestled in the scenic countryside of Tarifa, the national park Los Alcornocales offers breathtaking mountain biking trails and picturesque trekking routes. Scale the cliffs of Betis during a thrilling climbing expedition, where you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the Gibraltar Strait against the backdrop of vibrant blue skies and lush green forests.

No specific fitness level is required for this package—just a love for nature and the outdoors. While prior climbing experience is not necessary, basic biking skills and reasonable fitness levels for trekking are recommended.

This comprehensive package includes 6 activities: 1 trekking, 1 climbing, and 1 biking excursion per week, each lasting approximately 3 hours. For trekking, comfortable and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Explore Tarifa's natural wonders year-round with our all-inclusive offer. Before each excursion, you'll receive a detailed route plan, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor adventure.

Additional Information:

Enrollment Fee: 40€

Booking Change Fee: 15€ (per change)

Please Note: If there is only one participant in the activities, the duration will be halved accordingly.

Image by Kyle Mackie

Standard Spanish Course + Horse Back-Riding 

*High season  1.025€

**Low Season 902€

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Spanish culture while enhancing your language skills with our standard Spanish language course, complemented by exhilarating horseback riding adventures and comfortable single-bedroom apartment accommodations.


In our horseback riding package, you'll enjoy:

  • Maximum of 8 riders per group, ensuring personalized attention and guidance.

  • Guaranteed minimum of 6 hours of riding over two weeks, with optional excursions available (riding lessons can be booked separately).

  • Transportation to the stable included in the package price, with bus tickets provided in high season if needed.

  • Riding sessions scheduled after the Spanish course, starting at 4:00 pm on weekdays. Weekend outings are arranged directly with participants and the stable.

  • Please note: The Spanish riding style differs from English or Western styles, offering a unique and enriching experience.

  • Available year-round, allowing you to explore the stunning landscapes of Tarifa at any time.


Unleash your adventurous spirit and experience the thrill of horseback riding in Tarifa while immersing yourself in the Spanish language and culture.


*High season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024
**Low season, extension possible on the spot

Enrollment fee: 40€
Fee for changing booking: 15€-- (per change)

Image by x )

Standard Spanish Course + Outdoors Activities

*High Season 1025€

**Low Season 902€

Spanish Language Course with Climbing Adventures: Reach New Heights in Spain!


Course Details:

Embark on a 2-week climbing journey, with sessions lasting 2x3 hours per week, totaling 12 hours of instruction.


Learn essential climbing skills, including equipment handling, safety procedures, knot tying, and climbing techniques.


The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge for independent and secure climbing experiences, focusing on "Toprope" climbs where the rope is pre-anchored to the rock.


Additionally, gain insights into climbing tactics and route selection strategies.


Participants are encouraged to bring their own climbing shoes, although a limited selection is available locally.


Package Includes:

  • Climbing equipment

  • Expert guide

  • Transportation to climbing sites


Please note that a minimum of two registrations is required for the program to proceed.


Join us for an exhilarating climbing experience, available year-round!


*high season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024
*Low Season, extension possible on the spot

Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,-- 
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

Other Amazing Programs


Find Your Zen with Yoga and Whale Watching in Tarifa!

Embark on a journey of relaxation and discovery with our unique combination of Spanish language courses and serene whale watching excursions in Tarifa, Spain.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean Sea as you practice yoga on the shores of


Tarifa's pristine beaches. Our yoga sessions are designed to harmonize body and mind, providing the perfect complement to your language learning experience.

In addition to your yoga practice, embark on exhilarating whale watching expeditions in the Strait of Gibraltar, where you'll have the opportunity to observe these majestic marine mammals in their natural habitat.

Join us in Tarifa for a one-of-a-kind adventure that blends language learning with mindfulness and marine exploration.


Explore our yoga and whale watching programs today!

Image by Kaylee Garrett

*High Season 830€

**Low Season 707€

Experience Harmony: Spanish Language Course with Yoga Retreats


At our association, we're committed to fostering a genuine yoga practice that's accessible to all. Rooted in the essence of "Union" embodied by yoga, we cultivate a sense of community in our space, celebrating the cultural diversity that Tarifa offers.


That's why our classes are available in multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.


In addition to fostering community, we prioritize establishing a consistent yoga practice routine for practitioners. That's why we offer weekly classes, Monday to Friday, year-round, providing you with unlimited yoga sessions included in your package.


What to Expect:


Our yoga practice is grounded in the Hatha Yoga tradition, offering a blend of Vinyasa flows with varying rhythms and intensities, as well as opportunities for postural alignment work inspired by Anusara or Iyengar methods.


You'll also have moments of relaxation and supported postures, allowing you to delve into a state of calm and meditation akin to Yin Yoga.


Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation are integral components of our classes, ensuring a holistic yoga experience for all participants.


*high season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024
*Low Season, extension possible on the spot

Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,-- 
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

Image by Bart

Standard Spanish Course + Whale Watching

*High Season 866€

**Low Season 784€

Spanish Language Course with a Marine Twist: Whale Watching Experience

Embark on an unforgettable linguistic journey with our Spanish Language Course, enhanced by thrilling whale watching excursions, all while enjoying comfortable single-bedroom apartment accommodations.

Over the span of two weeks, immerse yourself in a unique blend of language learning and marine exploration.


With 2-4 boat excursions (weather permitting) and 2-4 alternative activities included, you're guaranteed six engaging experiences, each lasting two hours. Set sail in the afternoons after your Spanish language classes, exploring the majestic waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, where Europe meets Africa.


Plus, gain insights from biologists and experts during enlightening conferences, delving deeper into the world of marine mammals.


Interested in joining just one boat excursion?

You can experience the thrill of whale watching without committing to the entire package.


This enticing package is available from mid-April to mid-October, offering a truly unique Spanish learning adventure with a marine twist.


*high season: 30.06.2024 - 07.09.2024
*Low Season, extension possible on the spot

*On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:00 pm, the afternoons are dedicated to these captivating programs.

Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,-- 
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change)

Standard Basic Course 

Course duration & Prices

1 Week     195€

2 Weeks   390€ 

3 Weeks   580€ 

4 Weeks   760€ 

5 Weeks   940€ 

6 Weeks   1.120€ 

7 Weeks   1.300€ 

8 Weeks   1.480€ 

9 Weeks   1.660€ 

10 Weeks 1.840€ 

11 Weeks  2.020€ 

12 Weeks  2.200€ 

13 Weeks  2.380€ 

14 Weeks  2.560€ 

15 Weeks  2.740€ 


The following is included in the price: Spanish course, educational kit (course books, pen and folder), language certificate and student card with discounts


Enrollment fee: EUR. 40,-- 
Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15,-- (per change).


"Enhance Your Learning Experience: Complimentary Tutorial Service and Weekly Evening Activities Await!"

Discover our comprehensive Spanish language courses in Tarifa, designed to cater to learners of all levels, from A1 to B2 and beyond. Our standard Spanish course offers a structured curriculum with four lessons daily, each lasting 50 minutes. These sessions seamlessly integrate the four essential language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—using a practical and communicative approach.

Classes are held Monday through Friday, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, with a convenient half-hour break at 11:30 am to recharge and refuel. With a maximum class size of eight students, you'll benefit from personalized attention and interactive learning experiences that foster rapid progress.

We understand that every learner's journey is unique, which is why we offer flexibility to ensure an optimal learning environment. In the rare instance where a student finds themselves without peers in their standard course group, we seamlessly transition them to two private hours daily, all at no extra cost. Our commitment is to provide exceptional education tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you achieve your language learning goals effectively and efficiently.

Embark on your Spanish language journey with us in Tarifa and unlock the door to new opportunities and experiences. Join our vibrant community of learners today and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the Spanish language and culture.

Intensive Spanish Course 

Course duration & Prices


1 Week 355€ 

2 Weeks 710€ 

3 Weeks 1.060€ 

4 Weeks 1.400€ 

5 Weeks 1.740€ 

6 Weeks 2.080€ 

7 Weeks 2.420€ 

8 Weeks 2.760€ 

9 Weeks 3.100€ 

10 Weeks 3.440€ 

11 Weeks 3.780€ 

12 Weeks 4.120€ 

13 Weeks 4.460€ 

14 Weeks 4.800€ 

15 Weeks 5.140€

Your Package Includes:

  • Spanish language course

  • School materials

  • School confirmation

  • Student ID card



  • Enrollment fee: EUR. 40

  • Booking change fee: EUR. 15 per change.

"Enhanced Learning Experience: Free Tutorials and Weekly School Activities Included!"

"Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish language with our intensive Spanish course in Spain! Designed for learners at all levels, from beginner to advanced, this dynamic program offers a comprehensive approach to language acquisition.

At our Spanish language school in Spain, our intensive course covers four proficiency levels: A1, A2, B1, and B2. With four daily lessons (each lasting 50 minutes), students engage in a diverse range of activities that integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Plus, our curriculum includes enriching cultural content to deepen your understanding of Spanish society and traditions.

What sets our intensive course apart is the opportunity for personalized learning. In addition to the group sessions, students receive five private lessons per week (also 50 minutes each), tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Whether you're interested in business Spanish, literature, or any other specialized area, our experienced instructors are here to support your learning journey.

Classes are held Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, with a half-hour break at 11:30 am. An additional class is offered either at 1:40 pm or 8:30 am, providing flexibility to accommodate various schedules.

With a maximum of eight students per class, you'll enjoy a supportive and interactive learning environment. And if you find yourself as the only student in your group, fear not! We'll seamlessly transition your experience to three private hours per day at no extra cost.

Ready to elevate your Spanish skills and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Spain? Join us for our intensive Spanish course and embark on an unforgettable linguistic journey!"

Book here
Image by Fred Kloet

Private Spanish Classes (50 min.) 

1 Student  40€ 

2 Students 50€ 

Private Spanish Classes:

Unlock the full potential of your language learning journey with our exclusive private Spanish classes. Designed to cater to your individual needs and learning style, our customized programs offer a personalized approach that ensures optimal progress and proficiency attainment.

Tailored Learning Program: Our private Spanish classes feature a bespoke curriculum meticulously crafted to address your unique linguistic goals, whether it's mastering conversational fluency, improving grammar skills, or preparing for specific exams like the DELE. With a focus on your strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences, our experienced instructors will guide you through a tailored learning journey that maximizes your language acquisition potential.

Flexible Scheduling: Flexibility is key to our private Spanish classes. You have the autonomy to determine the frequency and duration of your sessions, allowing you to seamlessly integrate language learning into your busy schedule. Whether you prefer intensive daily sessions or a more gradual approach spread throughout the week, we accommodate your preferences with ease. Plus, scheduling is hassle-free, as class times are arranged individually between you and your dedicated teacher.

Versatile Class Availability: At our esteemed Spanish language school in Spain, the possibilities for private classes are boundless. Classes can commence at any time, providing unparalleled convenience and accessibility. With hours per agreement, you have the freedom to embark on your language learning journey at your own pace and convenience. Additionally, our commitment to student success extends to offering classes from Monday to Friday, with the option for special arrangements, including Saturday sessions (additional charges may apply).

Exclusive Discounts: We value our students' commitment to language learning, and as a token of appreciation, we offer exclusive discounts for residents and regular class attendees. It's our way of incentivizing continuous learning and rewarding your dedication to mastering the Spanish language.

Elevate your language skills and embark on a transformative learning experience with our private Spanish classes.


Contact us today to explore how our tailored programs can help you achieve your language learning goals with precision and proficiency.

Book here

DELE Preparation Courses 

Course Duration & Prices 2024

1 week 295€ 

2 weeks 585€ 

3 weeks 870€ 

4 weeks 1.150€ 

5 weeks 1.430€ 

6 weeks 1.710€ 

7 weeks 1.990€ 

8 weeks 2.270€ 

Master the DELE Exam with Personalized Preparation!

*Even if you're the sole participant, our commitment to your success remains unchanged. Experience personalized attention with three private classes per week, ensuring you're fully equipped to excel in the exam.

Included in the price are the following: Spanish language course, comprehensive school materials, official school confirmation, and a student ID card.


Additionally, benefit from a complimentary tutorial service and a weekly evening activity organized by the school.


  • Enrollment fee: EUR 40

  • Fee for changing booking: EUR 15 (per change)

Prepare smarter, not harder, with our DELE exam preparation course. Enroll today!

Prepare for Success with Our DELE Exam Preparation Course!

Embark on a tailored journey to ace the DELE exam (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with our comprehensive preparation course. Combining the rigor of our Standard Course with specialized exam-focused sessions, our program equips you with the skills and confidence needed to excel.


What's Included:

  • Standard Course: 4 lessons daily (50 minutes each), featuring grammar and conversation components.

  • Additional 50-minute daily group lesson dedicated to exam preparation, utilizing specific DELE exam materials.

  • Timetable: Monday to Friday, 9:30 am - 1:30 pm, with a brief break at 11:30 am for the standard course. An extra class is also offered at 8:30 am or 1:40 pm.

  • Small class sizes with a maximum of eight students for personalized attention.

  • Official DELE exam dates conveniently hosted at our Tarifa school.

Prepare with Confidence: Our expert instructors guide you through intensive exam preparation, covering all aspects of the DELE test. From mastering grammar concepts to sharpening conversational skills, we ensure you're fully equipped to succeed.


Don't miss your chance to register for upcoming DELE exam dates in 2024:

  • 16.02. (A2, A2 NA)

  • 12.04. (A1, A2, A2-NA, B1, B2, C1)

  • 18.05. (A1, A2, A2-NA,B1, B2, C1, C2)

  • 12.07. (A2, A2-NA, B1, B2, C1, C2)

  • 13.09. (A2, A2-NA)

  • 18.10. (A2, B1, B2)

  • 17.11. (A2, A2-NA, B1, B2)

  • 23.11. (A1, A2, A2-NA, B1, B2, C1, C2)


Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you're aiming for a specific DELE level or seeking extended preparation, we've got you covered. Request an extended DELE preparation course to dive deeper into exam topics and boost your confidence.


Don't let exam jitters hold you back. Enroll in our DELE preparation course today and unlock your full potential!

DELE Online Preparation Course: Embark on your journey towards DELE certification with our dynamic online preparation course. Gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in the DELE exam, setting yourself up for success in your language proficiency goals.


Spanish Brush-Up Course (20 hours/week)

Entrance dates: Every Monday, upon request, from min. 2 people


Brush-up Course Duration & Prices

Our Spanish language courses in Spain offer a comprehensive package to enhance your language skills.


1 week 180€ 

2 weeks 360€ 

3 weeks 560€ 


Additional week +170€

Included in the price are dynamic Spanish classes, essential school materials, a school confirmation, and a student card to access additional benefits.

But that's not all! We go the extra mile to support your learning journey. Benefit from our free tutorial service, providing personalized assistance to address your specific learning needs.


Plus, enjoy a weekly evening activity organized by the school, adding a fun and immersive element to your language experience.


  • Enrollment fee: EUR. 40.00

  • Fee for changing booking: EUR. 15.00 (per change)

​Take the first step towards fluency with us today!

Unlock Your Spanish Learning Journey with Educational Tourism !

Refresh Your Spanish Skills with Our Brush-Up Course!

Are you seeking to refine your advanced Spanish language skills? Our Brush-Up Course in Tarifa is designed just for you.

Experience a comprehensive curriculum with four daily lessons, each lasting 50 minutes. Dive into Spanish grammar through engaging articles sourced from daily publications like newspapers and magazines. Our unique approach combines grammar review with conversation practice, fostering well-rounded fluency and confidence.


Tailor your learning journey by combining this course with our DELE preparation or Intensive Course options.

Classes run Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, with a convenient half-hour break at 11:30 am. Enjoy small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention with no more than eight students per session.

Revitalize your Spanish proficiency and take your skills to the next level with our Brush-Up Course.

Enroll now and experience the joy of mastering Spanish in a vibrant and supportive learning environment.

Book here

*Please note, if you're the only student enrolled in the Brush-Up Course, you'll seamlessly join a standard course at your level. For those seeking a more intensive learning experience, we offer the flexibility to arrange five lessons per day upon request.

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